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Monday, February 6, 2012

Link Building is the Key Element Towards Online Success

What is link building :
If you are in online business, you probably know that the success of your business in a great extent  depends on your websites position in search engines. The closer your link to the top of search results page is,the more visitors will click on it. thus, for webmaster,it is important to optimize their websites for search engine and get as higher rank for their pages as possible.Search engine optimization is the process of taking steps with your website to make it highly ranked by the search engines for your desired search terms.
Link Building

The key element in getting a higher page rank is link building. Building high-quality links to your website that appear natural to search engines is one and most important step towards increasing your page rank.

Why Are Links Important For Your Online Success ?

Here are two main reasons :

1) Links make your websites get indexed by search engines so they begin ranking your pages for target keywords. The higher rank in search engines you have,the more visitors you'll get.
2) Links are used by search engines to determine how relevant your web page is to search terms. By building links from relevant websites, you ensure that your web-page gets indexed and ranked by search engine accordingly.

Link Basics :

Before we get down immediately into building strategies, let's look into link basics and define some  most important and define some most important linking concepts...

Link Designing :

Typically a link consists of two parts :

1)URL(Uniform Resource Locator). This is the web address of the site your link points to.
2)Anchor text. This is the visible text of the link.
For Example :
This is the link to our website at

The HTML code to generate a link is

<a href=""online seo info</a>
                 <---- URL --------->                              <---Anchor text--->

Having the Keywords related to your site as the anchor text is one of the elements of building and getting a high rank.

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