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Monday, June 11, 2012

What is Google penguin Update?

As we all know that Google wants to remove spam web searches so they just released a new update after Google panda and the name you are updated as Google Penguin update!

This update comes only websites that are using some unethical methods to get the website on top search engines. This update gives punishment to those websites that are using the following methods to rank in search engines:

      * Link Exchange!
      * Spam methods to get links.
      * Paid links!
      * The very use of anchor text in every link.
      * The exact words Too much coincidence in the links.

Mainly this update is done to eliminate Web sites that use paid links!

This update was published on April 24, 2012, so if you have seen a sharp drop in traffic around this time and the loss of all rankings of big words, and then drop in updates of the Penguins. Google has strict standards of quality that almost everyone and we are all aware.

The content of low quality!

Everyone says that content is king for days and even Matt Cutts explains the importance of quality content on your site many times so now is the time to implement, say in real life. Google Penguin update also had an impact on those who had a very low quality content in place. Google is not in favor of unworthy content, and you do not like the content that has hidden the material, or that is populated with the text is essential. You have to do well, and sometimes it takes much practice, but you can do.

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Recovery Methods

These are few basic methods to Recover your websites!

    * Remove spam links
    * Remove all the exact match anchor text links
    * Contact web masters and ask them to remove your links
    * Remove BMR and ALN links
    * Remove paid links
    * stop using link exchange !
Analyze what’s wrong with you ?

There are many ways to counter Google Penguin Update and recover from it. It all depends on what the cause of the death of wine. Outside the natural connection, then your job would be cleaning the spam links that are not relevant. If you paid for the links, once again, find a way to get rid of them. One thing is certain. It has been found to be much harder to get rid of links to other websites that are similar to yours than it was the link to access them. Your goal should be to ensure that the links that carry out the punishment and credible from this point.

Ads on top of the folds can be a problem!

If you were penalized for the possibility of having too many ads on your site, the answer is simple. The loss of some of the ads. You do not want to have a website that is supposed to be important for the supply of material loaded with paid ads, this is simply not kosher. His recovery manager simply cleaning their website and conduct a serious investigation into how the new algorithm works through Google. You can also try to go to other search engines like Bing, and a variety of others that are decent, at least until you get back in good graces with Google.

Check your entire web page!

First you need to audit their back links using the Explorer Open the map and then analyze the full back links. You must have a paid subscription to see all the features and properties of links. Analyze all your back links and check if they have a good link profile or not?

Over optimization penalty could be there, and the penguins update Google penalty. Matt Cutts and Google has warned that the optimization penalty is alive and capture all the websites that are full of keywords in meta tags, text and footers.

There are some other things you can do. One is to conduct its own audit of SEO, just to make sure you are getting things in order. You might also consider hiring someone in the field of SEO to take a look at your website. The point of the matter is, there are so many things to learn today, when it comes to SEO and ranking is almost the swivel head, to say the least. The main thing is to stay on the straight and narrow everything and do it by the book. While keeping your nose clean, promoting your site with proper anchor text, the text of the key, the corresponding links, and high-quality content that will be fine. As always said, the order of things may take longer to get the sort, but when you do it the right way is much easier to keep the first row of losing all the errors of thought foolish and stupid.

Goals behind this update !

Updating Google penguin had a goal and that was to spread the message that there must be a better understanding of SEO and how to implement it on a website. If you can not learn these basic skills, then you will always be in danger of having their content banned or penalized by the search engine Google. This definitely was not the first update that is going to take place, and certainly not the last. What really matters for web content today is in regard to obtaining material that is worthwhile and, in fact relevant to the niche you are trying to accomplish. If you are only medium-grade materials, then you will be beaten, regardless. You have to use viable and sustainable methods that will work with the new changes at Google. While the Penguin Google Update has been to get rid of spam, we created a lot of difficulties for many business website owners. Many saw their rankings completely disappear from Google completely.

SEO is improved now !

Yes, SEO has improved and now survive only websites that are using white hat methods and methods of classification of quality websites. Many knew this would happen sooner or later, that is why many had been preaching for years to learn how to improve SEO tactics or new joining techniques of the time. The strategies used anchor text that were too dominant or aggressive were also shot in the chair. However, some of the most affected contents of this update seems to be the sites that have the least amount of classification and, of course, these sites have been using to pay for connection, linking or irrelevant in an attempt to attract more attention to its website. The update did the same target these sites. In addition, as mentioned, aimed at those who were carrying out any suspicious activity is also linked.

Affects of this update !

When the update of Google Penguin was launched caused some serious damage to thousands of homeowners for the contents of the worldwide web. Although it has left many angry and bitter, which has proven to be a learning experience for many people. This clearly has taught many to promote only high quality content that is actually relevant to the niche that you are representing, previously hinted at. While the range is primarily for Web sites, it will not get anywhere if it is built on the correct basis. Google finally takes into account the sites that have linked to yours. If you have links that are unfounded and are ultimately futile, and then expect to be beaten by Google. The most humble and credible to get links is to provide great content on your own website, which in turn, others will want to also access via links to you. Otherwise, and probably going to sink and swim, no. This is quality, not quantity, so it should be duly noted into account all website owners, from this point.

Distribution of Content !

Moreover, the best way to view the relationship is through a policy eye. When you have something valuable and worth saying, then, must be clear that this link also. If you're only gaining links through pay for them, or by any other means is not entirely respectable, Google will treat this as a form of manipulation to try and page ranking. It just will not work. The only way is through the natural connection, and this will be preached again and again until it is embedded in the minds of all web masters. You can not fool the Google line, below.

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