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Friday, April 6, 2012

Page Rank and Google Toolbar

Function in the page rank of Google toolbar lets you know how important Google sees on the page. When down, which is Google toolbar shows you the rank of every page you visit.Of many experts see that page's rank the most important factor in determining the relevance of your Web page for the expression of research specifically entered in the search box of Google.

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How does Google Calculate the page rank ?

Google calculates the page rank your site by counting each t of inbound links to your page as a vote.For example, if a link has left, keeps Google the link as a vote for WWW. it is, than if you hire a real company were, friend recommendation you reinforces your confidence in this company.

But Google is according to the number of links from pages to the page calculation is based rank. the search engine robots analyze the page, to link to your site. more at the page link keywords that you enter, the more importance Google gives your site a. So remember to, if it is a about always way links to your website or reciprocal links.

The analysis of the links page will account on the page make Google the following factors

* The page rank of the page link

* If the links page is at home or on the go. Focus, if you have a website, would be a link on a link from another page would link to a Web site focus on the flowers of Web.UN - viewed focus

* the number of outbound links on the page of connection with outgoing.Within a page 500 outbound links will be considered not as a page with only 20 outgoing links into account

* Quality of inbound links on the site made the outbound link

So, the quantity and quality of link pointing back to your website are the major part of the Google algorithm to calculate the Page Rank.

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